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When news of this broke, I was highly disappointed.  We are in a day and age where people of all races should be allowed to come together, socialize, network etc., without a venue saying one particular race of people are not welcome. I used to enjoy going to the Clevelander during my FAMU days during Spring Break.  The most memorable and forgetful moments happened at that place.  To know deep down that I was not really welcome is a disgrace. 
I reached out to @AFlyGuy today to congratulate him on having the ability to stand up to management and theoretically say, “eff you…if they’re not welcome, then I’m not spinning” (Would’ve LOVED to be a fly on the wall, because he would’ve served him the Brooklyn way).  I am proud that he did not allow the money to cloud his morals and principles, because hey, he is a phenomenal DJ and there will always be more money to be made elsewhere. 
With that said, do me a solid, #BoycottClevelanderHotel spread the word and do not patronize their business.  If you don’t stand for something, you will fall for anything.  


Clevelander hotel has become the new SAL’s Famous. My DO THE RIGHT THING Peoples know what I mean. (Taken with Instagram)