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Because I’m so St. Louis, I get Red Hot Riplets mailed to me! Well really they’re for @splifgotmusic because I put him on, but still…..So @kelle_nicole you want in or nah? #food #redhotriplets #oldvienna #youaintready #gottalovemymom #stl to #brooklyn
Thank you to @wizkidd85 of Think Smart Apparel for being an advocate of change. Proceeds from the “Pray For Peace” go to Mike Brown’s family. I’m not home but always reppin’. #peace #prayforpeace #mikebrown #ferguson #stl #fashion
When the dark clouds gather on the horizon,
When thunder and lightning fill the sky,
When fate is but a glint in the eye of a fallen Rattler, 
And hopes are lost friends,
When the sinew of the chest grows weary,
From those hard charging line backers,
And the muscles and the legs grow tired,
From those hard charging running backs.

You must always remember that the 
RATTLERS WILL STRIKE, AND STRIKE AND STRIKE AGAIN! #tallahassee #rattlers #rattlerpride #orangeandgreen #hbcu #dontshoot #mikemike #mikebrown #FAMU #HBCU #news #civilrights #socialinjustice #ferguson #stl #oscargrant #ezellford #kimanigray #trayvonmartin #ericgarner  (at The highest of seven rolling hills)
Even though I live a thousand miles away, #STL will always be my home. People treat my opinion as if its inferior to theirs, because I’m not in the shooting area, or even live in #stl anymore. Tuh!!! I have friends and family who live in that area. My nephew was in the graduating class with #MikeBrown     I’ve been harassed numerous times by the police, but the one that stands out the most occurred the same day the RFT released the Top Ten Neighborhoods Where You Be Profiled. I agree with @tef_poe, I can’t tell you what to do. I can’t tell you what is the proper action to take. I can only tell you what I’m doing and pray that my actions will spread like wildfire, and allow others to follow suit. All I ask during this time and any other time for that matter is for everyone to use compassion and empathy towards each other. As always, do things out of love and stop spreading hate and personifying a stereotype. I love you #stl and I’m praying for #MikeMike and his family, and doing what I can to HELP and not HURT my city!  (at my innerself )
I may not be in #STL but I will spread the word #DoYourPart REPOST FROM @corey.black: 
“Spread the word. If you’re able to make it, come out tomorrow. 
A little cross class reunion during Elizabeth Little’s (center) book reading and signing of Dear Daughter (remember the book I read a few weeks back?). Pictured right @AileenFair honorary class member of ours since her sister was in our class. Please support and buy #DearDaughter it’s a great mystery and serious page turner! #YouLikeYouBuy #stl #jbs #jbsalum #nyc #brooklyn  (at BookCourt)
So I’m at the airport and I find out @djbmoody was keeping my plane warm for me. If you’re in #STL Catch him at @thedaypartystl TODAY!!!!!! Too proud of you man! Enjoy your stay. #thedaypartystl #stl2nyc and back lol #djmoodythemovie  (at Lambert-St. Louis International Airport (Official))
What’s the next great literary piece that’s keeping me up late at night you might ask? This not for sale debut mystery by Elizabeth Little (ahem fellow STLien & JBS alum). Yup you read that correctly, NOT FOR SALE. It doesn’t come out until August 4, 2014. It pays to know the author when entering in contests lol, but seriously 20 pages in and I’m already biting my nails. #books #mystery #STL #LA #NYC