I am a(n)
sister + daughter + mother + friend + lover + entrepreneur + music connoisseur + motivator + individual who is always learning.

As you were....

You did great! 56 book recommendations, a link for another set of books, two books in the mail and more on the way. I’m simply overwhelmed with joy for those who are supporting me during this time. If you’re not going to take the plunge like me, I urge you to disconnect from social media for a collective time period daily. Cross items off your to do list and truly value the relationships you have in your life. God bless all of you. Again, if you need to reach out, you can email me at dani.hunt@gmail.com. I will see you in 40 days. ✌️#40daystoenlightenment
Gearing up, compiling the list of books everyone recommended, as well as deleting all social media apps from my phone. Thank you everyone for your support, well wishes and encouragement at this time. For those who have my number, I’m only a phone call away. If I DM’d you my number, please reach out and keep in touch. ✌️#40DaysToEnlightenment
In preparation of the upcoming Lenten season, I am announcing that I am taking a social media sabbatical. During Lent, I intend to spend less time being distracted and more time becoming aware. Normally, I do not make announcements, but I NEED YOUR HELP!!! I am committing to reading at least one book a week. If there any non-fiction, spiritual enlightenment books that you could suggest, please email me in the next 10 hours and 55 minutes at dani.hunt@gmail.com Thanks in advance. ✌️
Can’t believe she say long enough to let me wash, blow dry, trim and press her hair. She will be in the mirror for days.
Cheers to the weekend!!! Let’s have a toast for the douchebags #drankinmycup #bulleit
"Everything can be taken from a man but one thing: the last of human freedoms - to choose one’s attitude in any given set of circumstances, to choose one’s own way." - Viktor E. Frankl #FreedomFridays
The most captivating moments occur when you keep your head up. #TimeWarnerCenter #TWC #wisdomwednesdays #motivation #clouds #architecture #design #art #nyc #manhattan
I met a lawyer last night who said the hardest part of starting his own practice was the level of sacrifice that comes with it. Without telling all of his business, he lost a lot to gain something better. Just remember that while you’re on your journey. #wisdomwednesdays #motivation #inspiration #DailyWord
"Make sure that you are you and not a product of what others want you to be." I feel part of that comes from being comfortable with the skin I’m in, as well as maintaining a solid foundation on which I plant my feet. In my opinion, once those two things exist, I am invincible. #BeYou #LoveYourself #beauty #ThinkTuesday #MyJourney #motivation #inspiration #love
September 19, 2006, I found out I was having a girl. Yet I didn’t know how beautiful you would be until February 22, 2007. Everyday you amaze me with your intelligence and wittiness. I thank God everyday for entrusting your life in my hands. Happy New Year little one.